UMMY Free Fitting

🥽UMMY Free Fitting (online free fitting service)🥽


Do you have similar experiences when considering purchasing a diving mask on the Internet?

・It's hard to buy because you can't try it on online

・Worried about suiting yourself

・I tried to buy it, but it didn't suit me so I stopped using it

UMMY solves such problems and offers the industry's first free online diving mask fitting service UMMY Free Fitting so that you can purchase only the products you like with peace of mind. >Start ! (hereafter UFF)

◉UFF Overview

You can order up to 2 masks for free to try on! (Round-trip shipping fee paid by us)

As a result of trying it on, even if you don't buy it, we won't charge you anything, so please feel free to use UFF!

The return method includes a return envelope along with the mask to try on, so all you have to do is fill in your sender and send it back at the post office or the post office's web collection service! (No fees related to web collection service)

Be sure to check the UFF details and notes below before using UFF

*This service is limited to customers in Japan

◉UFF details

Step 1 Select up to 2 masks you would like to try on from the following and add them to your cart and checkout

*There is no cost to the customer (we will bear the round-trip shipping fee)

*Limited to 3 pieces for each model and color

*If the product is out of stock, we will replenish the stock when the UFF customer returns it to us

Step 2 Within 2 business days after placing your order, we will send you a try-on mask by Japan Post Letter Pack (the mask will be disinfected each time)

Step 3 Please be sure to check the following precautions before trying on!

Step 4 After the trial mask arrives, write your name, postal code, address, and phone number on the enclosed return letter pack within 3 business days, and send it to the nearest Please return the mask at the post office of Japan Post or the web collection service of Japan Post (you do not need to pay the shipping fee when returning)

Step 5 Try it on and buy the mask you like from the sales page! There is no burden on the customer even if they do not purchase after trying on


・UFF is a service limited to customers in Japan

・Please try on masks only at home

・It is strictly prohibited to use the try-on mask in water such as the sea, pool, bath, etc.

・If the lens is cracked, cracked, severely scratched, or the belt or buckle is damaged due to the customer's fault, the price of the main unit will be charged

・Regardless of whether or not you purchased the mask as a result of trying it on, please return it within 3 business days after it reaches the customer

・If the mask is returned 4 business days after it arrives at the customer, a late fee of 500 yen per day will be charged separately

・We do not accept returns from delivery companies other than Japan Post or cash on delivery

・The same UFF product can only be tried on once. Any subsequent orders for the same product will be canceled

・UFF will be difficult to continue if there are frequent malicious uses such as not returning the mask to try on, scratches/damage, use of the sea/pool, etc. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation

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