Choose a hard snorkel!


Have you ever been confused about choosing a snorkel for diving in general, such as freediving, skin diving, and snorkeling?

There are various types of snorkels, such as those with a drain valve and those without, but this time I would like to talk about the hardness of the snorkel body by changing the cut.

First, watch the video

Even if the appearance is almost the same, just one snorkel can make such a difference in hardness!

Left is a UMMY snorkel, right is a snorkel made by another company

If the snorkel body is soft like this, the snorkel will shake sideways due to water resistance when diving. Also, water can easily enter the snorkel when moving on the water surface


, I wonder if there is an advantage to having a soft snorkel. Therefore, it may be convenient for carrying around while traveling and lightly snorkeling

However, basically there is only a disadvantage when snorkels are soft when diving. If you usually do freediving or skin diving, we recommend choosing a hard snorkel!

Many of you may have purchased a snorkel without thinking much about it and were surprised when you saw this video.

Our UMMY PRO uses hard and durable snorkels!

Keep choosing a hard snorkel as a point when choosing a snorkel!