*Must-read Handling of Mask Lenses (Clouding and Scratches)

※必読 マスクレンズの取り扱い(曇りと傷)について

This is an important article to help you use UMMY's freediving mask for a long time, so please read it to the end

At our We received the following inquiries from our customers

"Even though the mask lens is anti-fogging, it immediately fogs up"
Perhaps some customers who have used a freediving mask may have this kind of experience

Let's start with the conclusion Then, there are three main causes of lens fogging.

It will become, so let's use it while ascertaining the appropriate amount.

The glass lens mask applies to the coating of the lens in ②. UMMY's products are for the Marine single-lens lens. To tell you first, lens film removal refers to removing the film by rubbing the inside of the lens with an abrasive such as toothpaste to remove the film and make it difficult to fog. However, masks other than Marine are made of resin (plastic) lenses, and if you rub them, they will be scratched, so removing the film is absolutely NG

To return to Marine's It is essential to remove the film before use for glass lenses such as this.

And the main point is ③
Since the glass lens type mask is hard to scratch in the first place, it is almost impossible to apply. Many freediving masks have curved lenses and are made of resin (plastic). Plastic lenses can be designed flexibly in shape, so they are curved to reduce water resistance, and many have cool forms. Even wiping with a dry cloth or tissue may cause scratches, so please handle with care. Minor scratches are not likely to be a problem, but as the scratches deepen, visibility deteriorates and fogging occurs quickly

Easily scratched Case
・Wipe the lens with a dry cloth, tissue, etc.
・Worry about dirt on the lens and rub it with your finger
・Use in ultra-shallow water on the beachside, such as at the beach (because pebbles are flying, the lens is easily scratched)
・Put a mask and multiple equipment in a bag

The above is an example of a situation where equipment is likely to be damaged.

●How to avoid scratches on the lens
・Try to remove dirt from the lens with running water as much as possible. If it doesn't come off with running water, use an alcohol tissue for glasses or lenses
・Don't use the mask in super shallow water with flying pebbles
・Always wear a mask Store and move it in a case

This alone will prevent many scratches
Please be aware of this!

Let's continue to enjoy freediving with UMMY's diving mask!