Brand Story

Until UMMY was born

our thoughts

We, UMMY, are the first D2C brand of freediving gear in Japan

In a nutshell, freediving is diving

Breathing in oxygen tanks, etc. It refers to diving with only one breath without wearing a vessel. In other words, not only competitive freediving, but also skin diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, etc. Freediving without a breathing apparatus is generally called freediving

UMMY is an active freediver. The

founder, who was born in Amami Oshima, which is loved by the founder, has always felt inconvenient to buy freediving gear in Japan. The number of shops and the number of products are limited, and you don't know what kind of products suit you, and the prices are even higher. Looking at overseas online shops, there are many products that cannot be seen in Japan, but there is a wall of English, the explanation is difficult to understand, it is difficult to buy, and I am worried about whether I will receive it. I'm sure every customer has felt that way at least once

Freediving in Japan is inconvenient and expensive

And above all, Japan does not have a world-famous brand specializing in freediving gear. In other product categories, there are almost always Japan quality and Japan brands that represent the world. I think this is because freediving is still a minor marine activity compared to other countries

, so I started UMMY to solve that situation myself

The name of UMMY is derived from the “sea (UMI)” that is essential for us to live.

Through UMMY, we want to create an opportunity for anyone to start freediving

. We want to spread the wonders

And together with our customers, we will boost UMMY and grow it into a world-class JAPAN freediving brand

UMMY Founder Biography

After graduating from university, worked at Rakuten, Inc. and Amazon Japan LLC, where he engaged in consulting work for e-commerce businesses. Leveraging that experience, he moved to Accenture, one of the world's largest consulting firms, where he worked on business strategy planning and EC business launch support for a major retail company. Among them, he was fascinated by the sea of ​​Amami island, which he visited for the first time, and his life changed drastically

In 2021, he started freediving, and deepened friendships with freedivers all over Japan by visiting the seas all over the country. In the spring of 2022, she was able to dive to a depth of about -50m in half a year even though she had no diving experience.

Launch freediving gear D2C brand UMMY